Saturday , 25 March 2017
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State-press relationship in need of reconciliation through rule of law

In the past week, the parliament launched a campaign against two renowned press and media workers. First, parliamentary speaker Ali Abdul Aal slammed Egypt’s long-established Al-Ahram institution, sparking angry reactions from its chairperson and journalists. Second, Abdul Aal brought famous journalist Ibrahim Eissa to be investigated by the prosecution.

Parliament postpones discussions of Judicial Authority Law

The parliamentary Constitutional and Legislation Affairs Committee postponed on Monday discussions on the amendment of the Judicial Authority Law, in response to a request by the undersecretary of the committee, Ahmed El-Sherif.

How Egypt Uses a Colonial-Era Law to Crush Protests

A citizen’s right to protest her government peacefully, a core democratic freedom, is severely restricted in most Arab countries, and Egypt is no exception.  Egyptian authorities over many decades have relied upon one law in particular to suppress popular protest.

Maha Azzam demands justice for Egyptian women against military regime

In a statement to commemorate International Women’s Day, head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC), Dr Maha Azzam, said Egyptian women have been at the forefront of the Egyptian revolution, despite the threat of arbitrary arrest, torture, rape and disappearance.